Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017  •  1 Comment

West Palm BeachBridge headed to Palm Beach Island The past few weeks here in Sunny South Florida have been quite chaotic, to say the least. It started when Hurricane Irma was raised to a Category 5 storm and the projection was headed straight towards Florida. This, coupled with the devastation that was left by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, left us Floridians something to worry about. Labor Day was spent with many people starting to prepare for the storm that was expected to come 5 days later. Water was already scarce and bread was flying off the shelves. We're told every year to prepare in advance and very few of us actually do. Then the question, "Do I flee or do I stay?" needed to be answered, and many outside the state easily said, "Leave!" But, it's not that easy. The roads to leave were quickly backing up and hotels in Georgia and North Florida were already being filled. So many Floridians had fled the state that I heard the Sea Aquarium's parking lot in Atlanta was a "sea" of Florida license plates. To avoid the traffic and the possibility of being stuck on the highway during such a fierce storm, many of us decided to stay. Call us crazy, but it comes with the territory of being a Floridian. We trust our houses, we trust our shutters, and most of all we trust that our neighbors will be there after the storm. That is the most beautiful part of any tragedy: that we will stick together and together resume normalcy as fast as possible. We may still be feeling the effects of Irma, but that will not stop us from enjoying life. That was my inspiration for getting out of the house the day after the storm and taking some photos Downtown West Palm Beach.

All of Palm Beach County had been on a curfew since Saturday, 9/9/17, from 3:00pm until the following Monday morning. That is almost 40 hours of being confined to your home! Power was out in 50% of the county, leaving many businesses closed and not much to do. So, my son and I left the house to survey the damage and snap a few shots. The following are actually his shots, and I'm pretty proud of the little guy. Well, I may have chosen the settings and did the editing, but he had the eye.  From what I could see, the damage was not too bad. We were blessed to miss the eye of the storm, which is where the full force of Irma was. There is a lot of yard work to be done. But, when that is clear, we at LaPaix, can't wait to get back to shooting weddings and getting behind the camera. 




Daniel Sadowski(non-registered)
Great first post. To the point and the photos differently captured the main idea of the ambience of what Palm Beach County is right now.
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